Improve your Life with Meditation

6 Ways how Meditation can Improve your Life

The frenetic pace of life can be stressful, with the overwhelming pressure to get more things done in less time. Advances in technology make life simpler, but also make it harder for people to disconnect. It is no wonder than millions of Americans complain about being stressed and overworked. This stress not only wears on […]

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Find six reasons why you shouldn't give up on carbs

6 Reasons why you shouldn’t give up on carbs

With recent low carbohydrate diet crazes, carbohydrates have received a bad reputation among dieticians. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains carbohydrates as “foods that your body uses to make glucose”. In other words an organic compound that produces sugar in the body. With the key word ‘sugar’, dieticians and fitness gurus have […]

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